About Sober Life

Based on its academic, industrial and academic background, as well as understanding the needs of the industrial and scientific community in Iraq, Waze Expert Center for Science and Industrial Consultation was established in 2017 in Sulaimaniyah, Iraq.
After seeing the shortages and inadequate facilities, equipment and laboratory chemicals in Iraq, as well as in Kurdistan (northern) of Iraq, in consultation with experts and technology owners, as well as the advice of many friends and associates, in 2018 Sober Life Company for Suppling of materials …

About us


The services of our company are as follows:

  • Repairing and maintenance of laboratory equipment by using skilled people and using the original parts
  • Supply of laboratory materials and equipment from the well-known manufacturers or their main representatives with the best quality and lowest price possible
  • Analyze samples of water, soil, rock, chemicals, natural compounds, biological compounds, etc....

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